ü  Remove from your diet any food that disrupts the optimal function of your body.

ü  At the same time, load up on the nutrients your body needs to function at their best

ü  There are many ways to do this:

-eat in season produce

-grow your own veges and herbs, start small and see where it takes you.  

-use the local farmers market at Tauranga Primary School, sat 7.45am, find the stall that are organic or spray free.

-there are great local organic shops, be Organics , Wild Earth OrganicsHuckleberry

-there are online companies that delivery to your home ChantalMount Wholefoods

-be aware of the Dirty Dozen. There are times where we cannot afford organic produce, and we buy from the super market. The dirty dozen are foods that contain high pesticides and we should avoid or not eat in large quantities.

-be aware of the Clean Fifteen

-eat grass feed meat, small fish (dinner plate size) verses bigger fish (more toxins)

ü  Don’t stress about food, do the best where you can, but don’t beat yourself up if you make a bad food choice. The emotional stress can do more damage than the food itself.

ü  Plan you meals

ü  Eat until you are 80% full, then stop.


ü  Eat 3 times a day, avoid/reduce snacking. If you snack access why, cravings? board? thirsty? Not eating balance meals. Ensure you have a fat &/or protein with each meal. 


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